Friday, January 18, 2013

Bridal High Tea

This is a little belated, but it was specially requested by Deli so here you go. 

Back in the busy week between Christmas and New Years, after somehow convincing Adele that she really wanted to participate in some very dodgy acting for TAFE assignment I'd long been procrastinating over, we got into our pretty dresses and headed for the Hilton Hotel in the city. Were soon joined by several other classy ladies and were escorted to our table to celebrate Maggie's Bridal High Tea.

Started off, of course, with a glass of champers, and lots of chatting and gossiping as we ladies are known to do. Had a browse of the tea bar which had samples of all the various teas available to order. I got a pot of cinnamon tea which was pretty darn tasty I must say.

Amid lots more chatting and gossiping (we do so love it!), the food came out. So much food! We all got a tower of delectable little treats to share between 3 of us, with goodies including salmon and cucumber sandwiches, prosciutto, spinach and cheese tarts, curried egg puffs, scones with jam and cream, walnut cake, various cupcakes, fruit custard tarts, and macaroons.

Stayed chatting away and struggling to fit more food in until well after the hotel's official tea time had ended (they were very nice and didn't boot us out...though they did eventually resort to turning lights off in our area. We rather failed to take that hint). Finally headed off armed with our little jars full of marshmallows from the Maid of Honour who also did a great job of organising a lovely afternoon. Thanks Nat!

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