Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marion Coastal walk

With the weather being all sunny and nice for the first time in, well in a couple days but it felt like longer, decided to do some more exploring around town. After getting a beef and veg curry going in the slow cooker (domestic goddess alert!) jumped on my bike and headed for the train. Got off at Marino and rode around in circles for a while trying to figure out why all the roads heading to the coast ended up somewhere other than the damn coast! Eventually got to the Seacliff caravan park and found somewhere to leave my bike. Then the real work began.

Spent a lovely afternoon following the Marion Coastal Walk, a 7.2km trail along the coast (surprisingly) from Marino to Hallet Cove. Lots of nice walking along cliff tops, enjoying the view over the ocean, and lots and lots and lots of climbing up and down stairs. I kept meaning to count the stairs, but I'm easily distracted so probably wouldn't have worked anyway. Eventually made it to Hallet Cove Conservation Park to check out the cool rock and cliff formations created in ice ages 600 and 270 million years ago, which is just a little while.

Made it up to Hallet Headland and enjoyed a quick rest before turning aaround and heading back. Took a different path through Hallet Cove which took me past the Sugarloaf (cos it looks like a loaf of sugar) and got startled by a Stumpy Tail Lizard (cos its a lizard with a stumpy tail - brought to you the Australian Committee for Giving Things Unimaginative Names) hiding off the side of the tail. Made sure I checked that it definitely had legs before getting close :P

Eventually arrived back at Seacliff where I treated myself to an ice cream and a nice sit down. Then, having decided that I didn't fancy giving Adelaide Metro too much of my money in the one weekend (wouldn't want them getting spoilt), decided to ride back along the coast via Brighton, Glenelg and Henley, then back along the Torrens back home. On an totally unrelated note, there are now a few dozen inconsiderate and generally oblivious pedestrians who have made my list...muhahaha.

So many stairs!

Black Cliff

well played lizard, well played

The sugarloaf

nom nom nom

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