Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adelaide Zombie Walk

Having managed about a 15 minute powernap and some important lying in the beanbag staring at the ceiling time to recover from Trailblazer, it was finally time to prepare for Adelaide's night of nights...Zombie walk!! After feeling far too low on blood spatter on our last attempt, this year we had doubled the supply and added props. So we began to prepare. I was going as a cheerleader zombie (mainly just cos I wanted a costume that featured sneakers), while JB was going as  zombie boiler maker, complete with a grinding disk protruding from his chest (which looked pretty awesome I have to say). Got dressed, applied the obligatory white make up and dark circles around the eyes (not much make up needed there after such an early start to the day), added the first layer of blood and strolled to the tram.

Met a few fellow undeaders on the tram, but mostly just entertained ourselves with the surprised looks on people's faces as the doors opened. With the tram dropping us in town at about the same time the walk was due to start, we headed back along the route, applying a fresh splattering of blood on the go, until we spotted the hoard moving towards us along Grenfell St. Joined the throng at Hindmarsh Square for the stumble through the city.

Many excellent outfits, some a little baffling...and I'm not sure that the guy dressed as a completely non zombified Wally quite got the point. Plenty of kids and dogs dressed up as well this year, a lot of superheroes, brides (weddings being apparently the most common sites of zombie attacks), celebrities, doctors and at least 2 special appearances by Jesus amidst all the gore. Towards the end we spotted some familiar faces on the footpath and joined Verity, Ryan and Kathryn to watch the rest of the walkers go by for a better look at the costumes. And it was a big, big, crowd too. Everytime you thought they must be nearly at the end, another wave of zombies would appear.

Eventually rejoined the tail end of the walk and finished in Light Square for a bit more of a look around. came to the conclusion that we still didn't have enough blood but not to worry, costume ideas are already being floated around for next year. With half of Adelaide heading to the after party at Fowlers, we instead enjoyed a pudski or 2 at Enigma with many other ghouls before my various aches and pains from Trailblazer forced an early retreat to the tram.

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