Friday, August 3, 2012

New York, New York part 3

Day 6 cont

After enjoying some relaxing around the hotel time on Wednesday evening , we prettied ourselves up and headed back out to Broadway for the Newsies which was really good. So amazing the way they interact with the sets and great songs. Found Juniors for a couple slices of cheesecake, and while walking back to the hotel to eat, we evidently walked past Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion or whatever he wants to call himself now). I was sadly far to distracted thinking about my cheesecake and missed it but I’m sure it was very exciting…the cheese cake however, was delicious!

Day 7 (also know as, the day we stood in line…a lot)

Headed back over (and all the way across) Brooklyn to Coney Island and were treated to the first non overcast day in quite some time. Wandered around the beach and strolled the boardwalk, then grabbed a beer at Ruby’s to psyche ourselves up for our hotdogs from Nathan’s (they host the hotdog eating competition and have a huge clock counting down to the next one) which were pretty darn tasty. Wandered through the amusement parks and checked out the Cyclone ( a wooden roller coaster built in 1927. We thought about riding it…and then we thought about the fact that its 85 years old and made of wood and thought better of it.

Headed back to the city just in time to grab a coffee and settle down in the standing room line for the Book of Mormon. Had another crack at the lottery but still no luck so had to endure 2 and a half nerve wracking hours of trying to count how many people were in the line ahead of us and would they all be buying 1 or 2 tickets (they only have 28 standing room spots per show). As it turned out, we got the last 2!! Did a little happy dance at the ticket window and raced back to the hotel for comfy shoes, then straight back to the theatre to claim our spots at the railing behind the audience. Was still a really good view and the show was soooo good it totally made it worth standing up for the whole thing. Its written by Trey Parker and matt Stone and was absolutely hysterical with some great songs (though you wouldn’t want to be singing the lyrics in public :P).

Stopped at the Stardust diner for dinner and some really amazing performances from the staff, then raced for the Empire State building as our New York Pass expired at midnight. And then we stood in line. Got our tickets, and stood in lne some more. Then when we thought we were at the end of the line, there was another line (they clearly left this part out of Sleepless in Seattle). Finally made it to the 86th floor and the view of the city by night was just spectacular. Did a couple laps (mostly cos we got separated and it took a few rounds to find each other again but managed to enjoy the view at the same time), then got to stand in line again to get back down.

And now its our last day L Time to get the hotel room packed up, do some last minute shopping (not that I have any room left in my bag at this point anyway) and then its off to the airport.

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