Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New York, New York vol. 2

Day 4

Another busy day. Started at the Rockefeller Centre again to enjoy the amazing view from Top of the Rock, then on a whim joined the Rockefeller Centre tour which turned out to be really interesting. Went over all the history of the buildings, the artworks and the politics behind them. Stopped by the beautiful St Patricks cathedral and then hiked down to Grand Central for a bit of a look around.

Headed across to Little Italy for lunch and mini cannolis, then down to Chinatown to stock up on lychees and do some shopping. Headed back to the hotel for a relaxing swim in the pool, then trekked down to the harbour for a twilight cruise. Got held up by President Obama’s helicopter leaving town which was pretty cool, and the city look so beautiful by night.

Day 5

Planned to zip through the Natural History Museum in the morning, and we eventually got through it by 2 in the afternoon. So much to see (and dinosaurs, did I mention there were dinosaurs cos they kind of rock). Headed over to Central Park and grabbed a couple bikes, found the Alice in Wonderland statue and grabbed a late lunch at the Boathouse, before heading back to Broadway to give the Book of Mormon lottery another shot. Still no luck so went to the village and found a couple cheap bars for dinner and a drink or 2.

Day 6

Got a later start today (for some mysterious reason totally unconnected to the night before I’m sure) and took a train to Brooklyn so we could walk back across the bridge to enjoy the amazing view. With the rain starting just we headed for the Guggenheim, which is a really incredible building. Also it has inspired us to become famous artists by painting a canvas all one colour, putting it next to another canvas painted a different colour and giving it a pretentious back story. Seems to be working for everyone else in there so why not J

Planned to do a little more exploring in Central Park, but with the rain getting heavier Brittany took the far more sensible option of returning to the hotel via subway, while I spent an hour getting increasingly damp and lost (and loving it) wandering around the Ramble and eventually finding my way back to the hotel all bedraggled and splattered in mud, bet I’m impressing the fancy New York folks to no end.

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