Friday, July 27, 2012

Honolulu in 3 hours

Umm, so the airports nice J Reminds me of the old Adelaide airport but with fewer walls, more palm trees and one very comfy bench where I napped away most of my stay, but in a totally classy and dignified kind of a way. And very much want to go back on some future trip, cos what I saw of Hawaii from the plane looked beautiful!

Ok so it’s not the most thrilling post ever but my week has so far featured 2 Thursdays so I should get bonus points for writing in English. Oh but here. I’ll make it up to y’all with an entertaining anecdote about the couple I sat next to on the flight to Sydney who spent the entire flight complaining very loudly in English that not only did they have to pay for a soft drink, but the airline had the audacity to only serve Pepsi when they clearly preferred coke…and then for no apparent reason switched to Greek while we were landing. I can only assume it was so they could make fun of the fraidy cat sitting next to them, but then for some reason I just always assume that people speaking Greek are mocking me. Can’t imagine where I get that from (*cough, Maggie) :P

I promise things are going to get more interesting from here though cos hey, I’m in New York!!

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