Monday, November 2, 2009

A very Silly Place

Headed out early and stopped in beautiful Glencoe to see the monument to the Glencoe massacre and did a little hiking through the woodlands before setting in for another fun day of driving. On a whim decided to check out Doune castle cos it looked really pretty from the road though actually getting there was a lot more difficult than first thought. They were setting up to film a new HBO series there so we had to park in a paddock on the other side of town and take a mini bus to the castle. Upon arriving I was trying to work out why there were so many Monty Python books in the gift shop when it eventually dawned on me that the reason the name of the castle was so familiar was because its where they filmed a lot of Holy Grail, eek!

Picked up the audio guide (by Terry Gilliam and chock full of movie clips and python facts that kept me giggling the whole way around) and headed in. Started in the main doorway through which the Trojan rabbit was pulled into the castle. Saw the wall from which the French taunted the silly English knights and pelted them with farm animals. The courtyard was used for the wedding at Swamp castle and the Duchess’s hall upstairs made up the rest of Swamp castle, i.e the window the Prince climbed out of and the doorway where the world’s worst guards stood. Downstairs was the kitchen which made up all of Castle Anthrax. Run away!!

A bit more driving and we made it to Stirling for lunch. Split up to explore old town for a while. The church of Holyrood where Mary Queen of Scots’ coronation was held was closed but the old cemetery out the back was really interesting. Strolled past the castle and eventually found the beheading stone locked in its cage way out on the edge of town overlooking the William Wallace memorial. Met the others again to check into our hostel in a converted church in old town and another fabulous home cooked meal. Yay Tesco!

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