Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Palace

My last day in Edinburgh I checked out of the hostel and after manouvering my bags into the smallest luggage room ever headed back to the bottom of the royal mile to tackle Arthur's Seat, a volcanic spur sitting next to the palace. Possibly not the best idea to climb a steep mountain (and check you're wife's insurance policy before you chuck her off the side of it cos it is classified as a mountain) during the windiest day ever but hey, theres nothing like the risk of being blown away to keep life interesting. Eventually made it to the top where it was so windy you had to move in a crouch (I saw one girl get her feet swept out from under her, lucky she wasn't too close to the edge) and many a hat went flying off into the distance. Enjoyed the view and struggled to hold my camera steady enough for a few photos before retreating downhill to the ruins of St Anthony's to enjoy lunch in the shelter of a few big rocks.

Decided while I was in the area I may as well visit Holyrood Palace so picked up the obligatory audio guide and headed in. The palace is one of the Queen's official residences so I got to see the dining room all set up like it would be when she was there but most of the other rooms were the historic ones which were really interesting. Got to see Mary, Queen of Scots' chambers including the apparently unremovable blood stain of her murdered secretary and headed outside to the picturesque ruins of Holyrood Abbey.

Stopped for a scone and tea and then found the Childhood museum which was full of old toys, games, huge collections of antique dolls and teddy bears and everything else to do with childhood which was a really fun museum to browse for a bit before returning to collect my bag and heading to the bus station for the long, long, long trip back home.

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