Friday, October 23, 2009

Whiskey, beer and Eilan donnan

Headed out early and stopped near our hostel at Taliskers Distillery. Had to wait a little while for it to open but when they did we signed up for a tour and enjoyed our free dram of 10 year old single malt whiskey (much nicer than the stuff back in Ullapool). The tour was great except for the American guy who just had to ask a question at every stage, and usually something that the guide had just got done explaining anyway. Still very interesting stuff.

Made our way off the Island and soon found Eilan Donnan castle, a fully restored castle on the water with a piper busking in the car park to add a touch of atmosphere. Got the full history of the castle as we explored it including the recreated kitchens which were full of plastic food, plastic kitchen staff and ‘realistic’ kitchen sound effects lol.It was a little weird though as the castle is still in use as a holiday home for members of the clan so it felt a little bit like walking through someone’s bedroom with lots of family photos everywhere. Enjoyed a cup of tea and scones with clotted cream before embarking on the long drive past Ben Nevis (which was hidden by drizzle) to Fort William.

Squeezed in a little shopping and drove in circles a lot cos the directions we got for our hostel were so confusing (lucky there are so many roundabouts) but eventually found the Cullanan bunkhouse where we were staying. Cooked ourselves another delicious dinner and headed out on the town which was very quiet. Wound up in a pub called the Grog and Gruel sampling some of the local beers. The Young Pretender from the Isle of Skye was particularly tasty if anyone’s ever in the area.

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