Friday, October 23, 2009

there is another...Skyewalker

Headed out of Ullapool very early and stopped for breakfast in the Plate Café (because the walls were covered in commemorative plates including several Star Trek ones) at a hotel outside of town. Took a small detour along the way to see the ruins of Stroan castle and then continued on til we eventually crossed Skye bridge and arrived on the Isle of Skye. After a few u-turns and we finally found Skyewalker hostel and which has a lifesize cutout of Luke Skywalker draped in tartan to greet you in reception – love it!!

We were too early to check in but the very friendly owner, Lisa gave us a few tips and we were soon on our way. Found a supermarket and stuffed ourselves on lunch in the car and then set out to explore the top part of the island. First we wanted to find a set of standing stones, which we did. They were 3 small rocks on the side of the road which were distinctly underwhelming. Then there was meant to be the ruins of another broch which we never managed to find. Ewan’s Castle also proved elusive but we did eventually find ourselves overlooking the stunning rock formations of Cuith-Raing.

Got in a bit of hiking along the base of the stunning crags which warmed us a bit, but not for long as our next stop at the ruins of Dunstal castle was so chilly we had to jog out to the castle on a cliff, take a few pics and jog back to the car, brrr! Missed the Flora MacDonald memorial (Skye is beautiful but distinctly lacking in signposts sadly) and headed back towards the hostel with a stopover for a tasty dinner (but no Haggis for Sarah to try sadly) by the fire at the Old Inn.

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