Friday, October 23, 2009

The search for Nessie

After a fun filled 14 hour bus ride from London to Inverness, I met Maggie and Sarah (they flew up in 1/14 of the time it took me to get there :P) bright and early and we set out to explore Inverness which is a very nice little town. Ate lunch on the banks of the Ness River and then joined a Jacobite Sensation tour group led by our guide George, an elderly and very funny Scot with the best voice for reading children’s books I’ve ever heard. He drove us out to Clansman port where we jumped on a small boat for a half hour cruise on Loch Ness (no sign of the monster sadly but it is very beautiful out there).

Armed with hot chocolate we arrived at the shores of the Loch and were left to explore the ruins of Urquat castle which were very picturesque and had some sections still climbable so that was a lot of fun. Back onto the bus and we drove to Drumnadrochit to visit the Loch Ness visitor centre, a 6 room audio visual journey through the history of the Loch from the ice age to the present and mostly exploring the history and legen of the mysterious Nessie...I don’t even want to think about how much money it must have cost for the fleet of sonar boats and other technology that’s been used over the years trying to find the poor creature!

Back in town we separated for dinner and then reunited later hoping to do ghost tour of the town but apparently it wasn’t on that night since we were the only ones at the meeting place so instead we went on our own evening tour of the town which was lovely with all the churches and the castle all lit up.

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