Friday, October 16, 2009

Phantom and the Ripper

Finally found a day for all three of us to spend together in London. Set out early for Camden Town to enjoy the sprawling markets in the area which have some seriously funky stuff. Enjoyed a tasty lunch on the banks of Camden Lock and headed to the West End to see Phantom of the Opera. It was an excellent production and the scenery changes where as brilliant as I rembered. The cast was really good, the highlight being the 2 owners who were very funny. Did a little shopping after the show and then raced back to the hostel for a quick luggage repacking.

Walked back over to Tower Hill where we met a huge group and the 2 Steves from London Walks for the Jack the Ripper Tour. We followed our Steve around the East End where he showed us many of the locations of the murders and gave us all the gory details along the way. Finished near the Ten Bells pub which was around during the Ripper’s spree and we had a delicious meal, nice bottle of wine and a few free shots of Limoncello to finish of the London leg of the trip.

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