Friday, September 18, 2009

Gule gule lojman

Well dear lojman, looks like our time together is at an end. But don’t be sad, we’ll always have the memories; the ridiculous curfew and rules against guests, alcohol and fun, the 2 weeks of cold showers, having to compete with obnoxious kids to use the world’s slowest computers, the countless times spent sitting on the doorstep waiting for the key to be lowered in a bucket or for some complete stranger in the neighbourhood to come let me in because apparently anyone is allowed to have a key except for the people that actually live there, the filthy kitchen, the guy outside playing covers of the same damn songs every night, and of course, the lethal marble spiral staircase. Ah I sure will miss you.

Still, you had your redeeming qualities. You gave me somewhere free to stay for a few months and the location was fabulous. The bedrooms may have been sweltering through the summer but at least there was the terrace with the view of Sultanhamet (well a teensy bit of Sultanhamet anyway) to enjoy the cool evening breezes on, and I met some great people, especially these last few weeks after Chris, Matt and Taylor arrived. So let’s stay friends lojman. I’ll totally call you and we’ll have coffee or something. But for now at least, farewell.

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