Friday, September 25, 2009


Having managed to grab a few minutes sleep in the Keşan bus station between buses, I arrived ın Çanakkale around noon and set out to explore the town which, as well as being the starting point for visits to Troy ans Gallipoli ıs a really lovely and relaxed coastal town ın its own right.

I chose to ıgnore the clearly over priced Troy tour offered by my hostel (60 Lira) and instead walked a few blocks away from the ferry port to the mini bus station where you can get a ride to the site for 4 Lira each way (it costs another 15 to get in and you really don't need a guided tour anyway as everything is excellently sign posted in English. Met a few fellow travellers, Jeff and Kip, on the bus who were also able to give me a tip on a cheaper Gallipoli tour for the next day.

When you arrive at Troy the very first thing you see is the replica Trojan horse built in 1975 and climbable so there are sure to be a couple tourists hanging out the window. Very cheesy but lots of fun to climb. The site itself is really large and many sections are in quite good condition considering that some sections are 5000 years old, and that the guy who discovered them did quite alot of damage in the process. The city was rebuilt several times over the centuries and there are some places where you can see the remains of all 7 or so layers at once. All up it makes for a really interesting visit

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