Sunday, September 6, 2009

On the Waterfront

With a week of rain forecast from tomorrow I decided I better get a bit of aimless wandering ın while I had the chance. Set off bright and early (around noon) and walked down the hill to the waterfront at Kabataş and started walking towards Ortakoy.
I quickly realised that my plan to walk along the waterfront was not actually possible so had to settle for strolling along the road with the high walls of Dolmabahçe Palace on one side and the Wall of Ataturk on the other, a collection of photos of Ataturk hung beside the footpath the whole way to Ortakoy. Got back to the water briefly at Beşıktaş where there was the usual collection of tea drinkers and fisherman enjoying the sunshine, then back to the Ataturk photos until I finally hıt Ortakoy beneath one of the bridges connecting Europe and Asia.

Strolled through the markets there and looked at the beautıful waterfront mosque, then tried to work out if it was actually possible to walk across the bridge, but couldn't work out how to get up there so gave up and settled for fresh spinach gozleme instead. Started walking back towards Taksim when I stumbled across a huge park which, based on the high walls, fancy gates and spectacular views of the Bosphorus I'm assumıng was another playground for the sultans but not entırely sure, as usual, more research to be done. Had a nice stroll through there and eventually headed back home past an assortment of soccer fans all decked out ın green and white. I have decided my next goal is to go to a soccer game before I leave Istanbul, better hurry up!

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