Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last day in Thessaloniki

Got off to a late start on Wednesday but eventually made it back up to the Byzantine walls to visit Yedikule, the fortress at the top which was converted to a prison for Thessaloniki's worst criminals in the 19th century. Sadly much of the area was closed off for restoration but you could get a good overview of the place from the guard tower and peer into the cells where the worst of the worst were kept.

Had a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants in front of the fort where we enjoyed a fabulous view of the town with our meal, then found our way to St Demetrius exactly 4 minutes after the Catacombs had closed for the day, sad. Then looked around Agia Sophia, also closed and found the nearby Catacombs of John the Baptist which, surprise, were closed but luckily the caretaker heard us talking and came and opened them up for us, yay! They were quite small but with a supply of holy water and several beautiful icons, it made for an interesting end to the trip.

Had a last coffee with Maggie and tooka relaxing stroll along the waterdront ın the evening and settled ın to wait for the long bus ride back to Turkey

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